1. Tuesday 02 July 2019, Hi my friends, I scheduled AWS SysOps Exam on Friday 05 July 2019. If I have any update it will be available on Sunday 07 July 2019. 
2. Sunday 07 July 2019, In my exam on 05 July, I met 4 new questions and I updated it into AWS SysOps guarantee part. I also highlighted answers, Now I make sure you can pass exam. Please review it then take exam.
Additionally AWS SAA guarantee part got a lot of good feedback. If you haven’t done AWS SAA yet please take a look on AWS SAA guarantee part quick overview.
3. I would like to say thanks for everyone. Thanks for trusting me. Below are big updates in this month:
– On 05 August AWS SysOps Guarantee part was updated with 27 newest questions.
– I booked AWS SAA exam on 19 August and AWS Developer Associate exam on 22 August. If you are interested in these exam Please wait a moment. AWS SAA Guarantee Part will be update and available on 20 August.
AWS Developer Associate Guarantee Part will be released on 23 August.
4. Today 20 August 2019 AWS SAA Guarantee part was updated with newest questions. Please check release notes for AWS SAA.
5. Today 23 August 2019 AWS Certified Developer – Associate guarantee part was released.
6. Today 01 September 2019, I’m very happy announcement AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Guarantee part is available.
7. I know you passed all AWS Certificates Associate level. Now We are focusing for Specialty level. Firstly is AWS Big Data Specialty, We were booked exam on Friday September 13, 2019 and guarantee part will be available on Monday September 16, 2019.
8. Today 16 September 2019, AWS Certified BigData Guarantee part is available. Please kindly review it before take exam.
9. Today 04 October 2019, AWS Certified Security Guarantee part is available. Please kindly read overview for this part in here
10. In this month We updated these guarantee parts :
– AWS SysOps Guarantee part : 17 October 2019
– AWS Developer Associate : 19 October 2019
– AWS Solutions Architect Associate : 22 October 2019
– Release AWS DevOps Professional: 20 October 2019
– AWS Security Specialty: 28 Oct 2019
– AWS Solutions Architect Professional:  01 Nov 2019
11. These following parts just updated
– AWS Solutions Architect Professional:  19 Nov 2019
– AWS Solutions Architect Associate : 21 Nov 2019
– AWS Security Specialty: 18 Nov 2019
– AWS DevOps Professional: 21 Nov 2019
12. Update in this month.
– AWS SysOps Guarantee Part: 18 Dec 2019
– Release AWS Advanced Networking 20 Dec 2019
– AWS Solutions Architect Professional: 20 Dec 2019
– AWS Cloud Practitioner: 16 Dec 2019
13. In this month Feb 2020, We planning for update these following AWS Guarantee Part.
– AWS SysOps Guarantee Part
– AWS Advanced Networking Specialty
It’s will be available on Friday 14 Feb 2020.
14. We created one more website for Google Cloud. If you are interested in Google Cloud Certifications you can view this link below:
15. We are planning for update AWS Solutions Architect Professional (AWS SAP-C01). This part will be up to date on Saturday 25 April 2020. Thank you so much for trusting our services.
16. Update on June:
AWS Solutions Architect Professional (AWS SAP-C01) 20 May 2020
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate 19 May 2020
AWS Developer Associate 17 May 2020
17. Update on July:
AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02: 30 June 2020
AWS Developer Associate DVA-C01: 05 July 2020
AWS DevOps Engineer Professional: 06 July 2020

18. Update On August:
AWS Security Specialty SCS-C01: 15 Aug 2020
AWS Developer Associate: 17 Aug 2020
AWS DevOps Professional: 18 Aug 2020
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