AWS Certified Security Specialty guarantee part overview

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AWS Certified Security Specialty guarantee part overview

AWS Certified Security Specialty guarantee part overview

1. How many questions in AWS Certified Security Specialty guarantee part include?
107 questions
2. Is this real questions?
Yes. It’s collected in our real AWS SCS-C01 exam.
3. How much does it cost?
AWS Certified Security Specialty guarantee part is : 35$
4. How can I make payment? 
You can use buy button for AWS SCS-C01 on homepage to make payment for this part.


My Recommend:

– AWS Security Specialty guarantee part: You should spend your time to review questions carefully. They are real questions in our AWS SCS-C01 exam so We can make sure you can pass exam. Let us show you some questions in AWS Security Specialty guarantee part.

Release Notes:

  1. On 4 October 2019, We are happy announcement AWS Certified Security Specialty were available. This part include 107 questions were collected in our AWS SCS-C01 exam.

Questions in guarantee part.


  1. A company has Windows Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC that are joined to on-premises Active Directory servers for domain services. The security team has enabled Amazon GuardDuty on the AWS account to alert on issues with the instances. During a weekly audit of network traffic, the Security Engineer notices that one of the EC2 instances is attempting to communicate with a known command-and-control server but failing. This alert does not show up in GuardDuty. Why did GuardDuty fail to alert to this behavior?
  2. A company stores data on an Amazon EBS volume attached to an Amazon EC2 instance. The data is asynchronously replicated to an Amazon S3 bucket. Both the EBS volume and the S3 bucket are encrypted with the same AWS KMS Customer Master Key (CMK). A former employee scheduled a deletion of that CMK before leaving the company. The company’s Developer Operations department learns about this only after the CMK has been deleted. Which steps must be taken to address this situation?
  3. A Development team has asked for help configuring the IAM roles and policies in a new AWS account. The team using the account expects to have hundreds of master keys and therefore does not want to manage access control for customer master keys (CMKs). Which of the following will allow the team to manage AWS KMS permissions in IAM without the complexity of editing individual key policies?
  4. An organization operates a web application that serves users globally. The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. There is an Amazon CloudFront distribution in front of the load balancer, and the organization uses AWS WAF. The application is currently experiencing a volumetric attack whereby the attacker is exploiting a bug in a popular mobile game. The application is being flooded with HTTP requests from all over the world with the User-Agent set to the following string: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; ExampleCorp; ExampleGame/1.22; Mobile/1.0) What mitigation can be applied to block attacks resulting from this bug while continuing to service legitimate requests?
  5. The Security Engineer is given the following requirements for an application that is running on Amazon EC2 and managed by using AWS CloudFormation templates with EC2 Auto Scaling groups: -Have the EC2 instances bootstrapped to connect to a backend database. -Ensure that the database credentials are handled securely. -Ensure that retrievals of database credentials are logged. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to meet these requirements?



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