AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Questions 2020

AWS Solutions Architecture Professional

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Questions 2020

1. How many questions in AWS Solutions Architect Professional Guarantee Part include?
161 questions
2. Is this real AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional Exam questions?
Yes. It’s collected in our real AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional (SAP-C01) exam.
3. How much does it cost?
4. How can I make payment?
You can use buy button on homepage to make payment for this part.

5. Refund policy?
If questions in AWS Solutions Architect Professional Guarantee Part not appear in your exam We will refund immediately.
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Prepare for Your Exam:

– Acloudguru : AWS Training courses on this site is the best. It really help you to understand a lot in AWS Operations and System. The videos are amazing from beginning to end.
– Guarantee part: Spend your time to review questions carefully. They are real questions in our AWS exam so We can make sure you can pass exam.
– Don’t spend too much time for whizlabs, Jonbonso or any practice questions set. It’s waste your time. Just only focus on guarantee part.
– Practice questions set can’t help you pass exam. AWS SAP-C01 harder than associate too much and it’s really challenges.
– Any questions in AWS SAP-C01 is advance concepts, very long text questions and answers section format.
– We highly recommend you should take guarantee part if you are interested in AWS Solutions Architect Professional certificate.
– If questions in guarantee part not appear in your exam. We will refund immediately.

Release Notes:

  1. On 01 September 2019, We are happy announcement AWS Solutions Architect Professional Guarantee Part were available. This part include 123 questions were collected in our AWS SAP-C01 exam.
  2. On 01 Nov 2019.  31 newest questions is added. Now this part had totally 154 questions.
  3. Today 19 Nov 2019. 7 newest questions is added. From 154 to 160 and we also update these following highlighted answers 20 26 29 33 34 37 39 47 48 51 56 63 75 83 92 97 111 120
  4. Today 01 Dec 2019 We updated all answers from one our member just passed exam on 29 Nov. He confirmed all questions in this part were appeared in exam and he shared answers.
  5. Today 20 Dec 2019 The answers are updated 33 36 43 46 50 79 82 91 100
  6. Today 03 Feb, We don’t have any update till now. This part still receive a lot of good feedback. 

Abilities Validated by the Certification

  • Design and deploy dynamically scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on AWS
  • Select appropriate AWS services to design and deploy an application based on given requirements
  • Migrate complex, multi-tier applications on AWS
  • Design and deploy enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS
  • Implement cost-control strategies
  • Two or more years of hands-on experience designing and deploying cloud architecture on AWS
  • Ability to evaluate cloud application requirements and make architectural recommendations for implementation, deployment, and provisioning applications on AWS
  • Familiarity with AWS CLI, AWS APIs, AWS CloudFormation templates, the AWS Billing Console, and the AWS Management Console
  • Explain and apply the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Design a hybrid architecture using key AWS technologies (e.g., VPN, AWS Direct Connect)
  • Ability to provide best practice guidance on the architectural design across multiple applications and projects of the enterprise
  • Familiarity with a scripting language
  • Familiarity with Windows and Linux environments
  • Map business objectives to application/architecture requirements
  • Architect a continuous integration and deployment process

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