AWS Solutions Architect Associate guarantee part over view - awssaa

AWS Solutions Architect Associate guarantee part over view

AWS Solutions Architect Associate guarantee part over view

1. How many questions in AWS Solutions Architect Associate guarantee part include?
142 questions
2. Is this real questions?
Yes. It’s collected in our real exam.
3. Refund policy?
If questions in guarantee part not appear in your exam we will refund immediately.

My recommend:
– Acloudguru : AWS Training courses on this site is the best. It really help you to understand a lot in AWS Operations and System. The videos are amazing from beginning to end.
– Guarantee part: Spend your time to resolve questions. They are real questions in our AWS exam so We can make sure you can pass exam.
– Don’t spend too much time for whizlabs, Jonbonso (if you bought them) or any practice questions set. It’s waste your time. Just only focus on guarantee part.

Release Notes

1. On 10 August 2018 New guarantee part  for new version exam AWS Solution Architecture(Feb-2018)  just released with 65 questions.

3. On 16 September 2018 15 Newest questions was added.
4. On 14 October 2018 11 Newest questions was added.
5. On 15 November 2018 19 Newest questions was added.
6. On 27 December 2018 23 Newest questions was added
7. On 19 March 2019 22 Newest questions was added
8. On 01 June 2019 26 Newest questions was added
9. Today 20 August 2019 after joined exam, AWS SAA guarantee part was updated 95 newest questions. We also moved 101 older questions to AWS SAA practice test part 6. Now AWS SAA guarantee part has totally 142. We highly recommend you should take exam soon If you interested in AWS SAA certified. 
10. AWS SAA Guarantee part will be updated on 22 October 2019.

Recommended Knowledge

Hands-on experience using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services.
Hands-on experience with AWS deployment and management services.
Ability to identify and define technical requirements for an AWS-based application.
Ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement.
Knowledge of recommended best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform.
An understanding of the basic architectural principles of building on the AWS Cloud.
An understanding of the AWS global infrastructure.
An understanding of network technologies as they relate to AWS.
An understanding of security features and tools that AWS provides and how they relate to traditional services.

Topics overview :

– EC2
– VPC, Nat, SecurityGroups, Network routing
– S3 scenarios
– RDS, Multi-AZ, Read-Replicas
– Disater Recovery scenarios
– Route 53
– EBS types gp2, iop1, instance storage
– EFS basic scenarios
– kinesis ( no need deep dive for this service)

To access this guarantee part please click here!


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