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March 2018

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AWS Sysops Practice Questions Part 5

1. A user has created numerous EBS volumes. What is the general limit for each AWS account for the maximum number of EBS volumes that can be created? A. 10000 B. 5000 C. 100 D. 1000 2. A user is launching an EC2 instance in the US East region. Which of the below mentioned options is recommended by AWS with respect to the selection of the availability zone? A. Always select the US-East-1-a zone for HA B. Do not select the AZ; instead let AWS select [...]

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AWS Sysops Practice Questions Part 6

1.Your application currently leverages AWS Auto Scaling to grow and shrink as load Increases’ decreases and has been performing well. Your marketing team expects a steady ramp up in traffic to follow an upcoming campaign that will result in a 20x growth in traffic over 4 weeks. Your forecast for the approximate number of Amazon EC2 instances necessary to meet the peak demand is 175. What should you do to avoid potential service disruptions during the ramp up in [...]

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